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gingira course

In 1980s, Japan is the "bubble economy".
"Disco" was symbolized as an entertainment place for the young generation.
The disco's boom went away with the "bubble economy".
These were a lot of women who wearing sexy flatting cloth and dancing there.
The same generation's men went to "disco" and watch such girls in that time.
Now, in Japan we call it "club".
It is still the HOT spot that popular from young to adult as night entertainment place.
We reproduce it in the past time!! power up more and more!! That's GINGIRA ☆ TOKYO!
Our club produces"GINGIRA COURSE"!
From a real amateur Idol to an active AV actress,You can pick up a such girl to your home 100% possible!
The basic service will make you super horny!!
Include, sexy flatting cloth, vibrator,eye mask, handcuffs!
More than 90min, lotion bath is also FREE!! That is GINGIRA☆TOKYO original servise.
It is sure that you will become a captive of GINGIRA☆TOKYO if you had played our club once!
Please enjoy it!

What is gingira course? What kind of service?

Kiss, deep kiss, lick your whole body, blow job,lick ball,69, insert finger, hand job, intercrural sex,oral cum shot,With Face sitting,dirty talk,
anilingus,Foot job , Hip job,Sexy flattering clothing, eye mask, handcuffs, vibrator(electric massage machine)

And more than 90min, you get a special option...

Slippery lotion bath!

You play more exciting with foxy club GALs.

  • blowjob


  • rimjob


  • face sitting

    face sitting

  • hipjob


  • footjob


  • electric massage machine

    electric massage machine

  • lotion bath

    lotion bath

  • eye mask, handcuffs

    eye mask, handcuffs

service system

60min 28,000yen
75min 32,000yen
90min 36,000yen
120min 46,000yen
150min 56,000yen
180min 66,000yen
Extension 30min 12,000yen
Admission fee 2,000yen
Photo nomination 2,000yen
Repeat nomination 3,000yen
TAX 1,000yen
Transportation expenses 0-4,000yen

It costs +4,000yen for the guest that they can't speak Japanese.

2 girls service Fee for two

Please feel free to contact us about using the course for 180 min. or longer.

※Some girls don't accept foreigners, Please forgive us.


Sexually flattering clothting 2,000yen Pin heels 2,000yen
Rotor 2,000yen Pantyhose 2,000yen
Take out pants 2,000yen Eye mask 2,000yen
Handcuffs 2,000yen Sex sleeve 2,000yen
Vibrator 3,000yen Electric massage machine 3,000yen
A girl enter the room,fellatio Immediately 3,000yen Masturbation show 3,000yen
Piss show 3,000yen Fishnet tights 2,000yen
Drinking cum 5,000yen facial cum 5,000yen
Prostate massage 5,000yen Shave under hair 5,000yen
Anal fuck 10,000yen    

Transport expenses

Love hotel around Kabukicho, Okubo free
shinjuku-ku 1,000yen
shibuya-ku,nakano-ku,toshima-ku,chiyoda-ku,minato-ku 2,000yen
shinakawa-ku,meguro-ku,setagaya-ku,suginami-ku,nerima-ku,itabashi-ku,kita-ku,aragawa-ku,koutou-ku 3,000yen
ota-ku,atachiku,katsushika-ku,edogawa-ku 4,000yen
out of Tokyo 23ku 5,000yen-

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